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Palash XL

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Holi festival significance in Puranas, usage of natural Gulaal colour from Palash flowers, advantage of spraying water producing negative ions good for skin and mental health.

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The original colours of Holi , called ‘gulaal’ , in the medieval times were made at home , from the flowers of the ‘ tesu’ or ‘ Palash ‘ tree , also called as ‘ flame of the forest ‘ or ‘ Butea Monosperma ‘.
These flowers are dried in sunlight and powdered. When this powder is mixed with water , saffron red dye is made. Inspired from Palash flowers we have launched our new collection of Palash tops which are hand dyed keeping the beauty of Palash in mind.
We have a selective few pieces hand crafted in the sizes mentioned. So don’t delay as these tops are a pure bliss and will make you feel close to nature

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