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I am Geetu a fashion designer from Ahmedabad who loves to experiment with different fabrics transforming them into beautiful garments that are stylish and classy at the same time.

I have worked in various fields like teaching in premium schools, as an accent trainer in a call center and did various events to promote my brand. Creativity and power of imagination is innate in me and is somewhat reflected in my every aspect of life.

AGNI TRENDS : How it started, thoughts behind name, history, area of work, product idea, future plans.

On february 2018, Agni Trends came into existence. My love for cotton and linen fabrics inspired me to design western clothes that are suitable for hot indian climate. Agni brought cotton knee length midis and flayered frocks with bell sleeves in fashion.

Agni is the fire in every woman which she needs to ignite inorder to do something different. The brand has a tagline “wear your fire” which signifies the fire within. It symbolises curage and power.

Agni garments are hand crafted keeping in mind comfort and latest trends that are suitable for indian body types. We prefer using breathable fabrics that are skin friendly.

We aim to establish a brand that brings out the FEEL GOOD FACTOR in every Indian woman. One should LOVE WHAT THEY WEAR & IGNITES the AGNI in them.

Mission and Vision of Agni Trends

Our mission is to bring out the cheer in women. It’s rightly said that “Never underestimate the power of a good outfit on a bad day.” Our basic mission is to give women reasons to smile and reasons to laugh, but most of all, give them memories they could never forget.

Vision of Agni is to empower women and bring out the best in them. From a start up to a giant venture it should come up with garments that are unique and stylish in their own kind.

QUALITY, COMFORT & FITTING should never be compromised with.

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